Celebrating our 175th Year

    Har Sinai Congregation’s Senior Rabbi, Linda Joseph

    Linda Joseph

    Rabbi Linda Joseph was born in Melbourne, Australia. “Discovered” by a professor at Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion who recognized the wide ranging Jewish community work she had undertaken- from working in major Jewish organizations, counseling, founding study groups and Chavurot, leading services and teaching- she was convinced to apply to rabbinic school. Rabbi…



    Come laugh with HSC’s B.I.G. Benefit With the Baltimore Improv Group

    Saturday, April 29
    7:00 – 11:00 p.m.

    Evening includes:

    Dinner and two drink tickets, entertainment and silent auction.

    To purchase tickets online click: Buy Tickets Here!

    Contact Lisa Dickler if you have any questions, 410-274-4268.

    Judaic Education Magnet

    OUR MISSION The mission of the Har Sinai Congregation Judaic Education Magnet is to provide an education for our children that will help them develop a strong and positive Jewish identity. We hope to instill in the children a sense of spirituality and a bond to the Jewish people and Israel through the study of Torah,… Read more


    Founded on May 15, 1842, Har Sinai Congregation is the oldest continuously Reform Jewish Congregation in the United States. During its first year, regular services were conducted at the home of Moses Hutzler on Exeter Street and Eastern Avenue in Baltimore. Abram Hutzler, who had become a bar mitzvah in a temporary meeting-place, describes Har… Read more

    Mission Statement

    Har Sinai Congregation is a dynamic, caring community that honors our Jewish tradition to continue the covenant while empowering members to explore relationships with God, Torah and the world around us.

    Judaica & Gift Shop

    Jud Shop

    WRJ Sisterhood’s Judaica & Gift Shop is an elegant shop right here at Har Sinai. Open on Sundays during Judaic Education Magnet. Summer hours at your convenience.

Event Information:

  • Sat

    Torah Study

    9:00 amHSC Friedberg Library

Har Sinai Congregation

Founded on May 15, 1842, Har Sinai Congregation is the oldest continuously Reform Jewish Congregation in the United States.
During its first year, regular services were conducted at the home of Moses Hutzler on Exeter Street and Eastern Avenue in Baltimore.
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Vayeitze Refugee Crisis

Very early this week, on Thursday morning, I made my way from my home in Shandon to the outskirts of Irmo, to speak to a dozen High School Teens from a Mormon Church who meet daily to pray and study. At the “ungodly 7am hour” I was tasked with bringing these children seeking faith a… Read more

Terumah and Healing

We marvel when the impossible becomes possible. In the last 24 hours the news broke that has caused more than a ripple in the scientific community. A prediction in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has been proven. Gravitational Waves exist. This 1916 theory that was vigorously debated when presented by Albert Einstein, which was labeled by… Read more

Al HaDvash

Sermon 6/17/2016: Al HaDvash v’Al Ha’Oketz “Al hadv’ash v’al haoketz – through the honey and the sting; al hamar v’hamatok – through the bitter and the sweet; al biteinu hatinoket – for the sake of our little daughter; sh’mor Eli hatov –  good God keep us safe. Al ha-eish ham’vo-eret – through the burning flame;… Read more

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Judaic Education Magnet

Judaic Education Magnet @ Har Sinai Congregation, A Community of Jewish Learning and Leadership (JEM)
Why do we…? Why don’t we…? Why did …. happen?
“Why” drives a lot of our daily lives. Sometimes we have answers, sometimes we don’t, yet the curiosity that motivates our students enables them to engage with these questions on a whole different level. As we help our children develop critical thinking skills, we look to our tradition to inform our present, and future.
Our approach to Jewish education is hands-on, minds-on, hearts open. Balancing innovation and tradition, we combine 21st century learning tools and modern living with ancient texts and tradition. Together we’ll explore the many facets of Judaism. Here, it is not only a right to question, it is a responsibility.

Early Elementary Program ~ K-2 Our Builders
Grades 3 – 5 ~ Cooperative Learning
Middle School ~ 6 – 7 Education in Action
Avanim Progam

Our Avanim program (jewels) serves students with a variety of developmental delays. With a certified Special Education instructor, the curriculum is tailored for each student, with his or her strengths in mind.

Life after B’nai Mitzvah
Beginning in Grade 8, as Madrichim-in-Training (MITs), teens learn positive discipline, lesson planning and classroom management, in order to serve in classrooms and specialty areas as teaching assistants. Beginning in Grade 9, the madrichim choose their assignments. Teens may gain community service hours and funds, banked toward Jewish youth activities such as camp and trips. Our diverse programs include our Congregational Confirmation class, geared toward Grade 10, hallmarks of which are study with Rabbi Joseph and Cantor Gerber, as well as our heritage trip to New York City.

Please contact our Interim Education Administrator with any questions:  Pamela Mandell, pmandell@harsinai-md.org