Har Sinai Congregation Policies for Rentals 2014

Har Sinai Congregation is fortunate to be able to make available to its members and non-members unique and beautifully functional facilities for the celebration of joyous life cycle occasions.
We hope this section will answer your questions and serve as a guide for your party planning. All plans must have temple approval before they may be implemented. The Director of Programming and Membership will be happy to help you in any way possible.

Date and Time Clearance

Rooms for receptions are reserved when your contract is signed and returned to Har Sinai Congregation with your deposit. Deposits are accepted on a first come, first served basis. We urge you to make your plans as soon as possible so as not to be disappointed.

Facilities are available for any day of the week and throughout Shabbat. All evening activities are scheduled to terminate by 11:30 p.m. An hourly extension may be granted only with an additional fee.

There are certain things that are helpful for you to know now
so that you can begin to plan for a successful event.
The following information is intended to help you reach that goal:


  • All caterers must be approved by the Har Sinai Congregation Executive Committee or designee.
  • No contract will be officially approved without the name of the caterer.
  • The caterer must provide the temple with certification of insurance (if not already done so) prior to being permitted to cater in our building.

Please be sure that your caterer is informed about all dietary restrictions adhered to within the kitchen, and that this is known well in advance of the party so that food does not have to be discarded and misunderstandings can be avoided.


No decorations or flowers may be attached to the walls in any manner. The use of lighted candles is restricted to the dripless variety together with a candle holder designed to prevent the dripping of wax on the floors, carpets and furniture.

Coat Room

A coat room is available near the temple lobby. However, the temple cannot assume responsibility for any loss. You may provide your own attendant if you wish.


Damage to our temple or temple equipment will require an additional assessment. We urge your care and consideration. The temple assumes no responsibility or liability for the loss or damage of any personal property.


Within one year of the scheduled event date, we will not reimburse deposits for a signed contract if the renter chooses not to utilize the space and cancels the agreement.

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Judaic Education Magnet

Judaic Education Magnet @ Har Sinai Congregation, A Community of Jewish Learning and Leadership (JEM)
Why do we…? Why don’t we…? Why did …. happen?
“Why” drives a lot of our daily lives. Sometimes we have answers, sometimes we don’t, yet the curiosity that motivates our students enables them to engage with these questions on a whole different level. As we help our children develop critical thinking skills, we look to our tradition to inform our present, and future.
Our approach to Jewish education is hands-on, minds-on, hearts open. Balancing innovation and tradition, we combine 21st century learning tools and modern living with ancient texts and tradition. Together we’ll explore the many facets of Judaism. Here, it is not only a right to question, it is a responsibility.

Early Elementary Program ~ K-2 Our Builders
Grades 3 – 5 ~ Cooperative Learning
Middle School ~ 6 – 7 Education in Action
Avanim Progam

Our Avanim program (jewels) serves students with a variety of developmental delays. With a certified Special Education instructor, the curriculum is tailored for each student, with his or her strengths in mind.

Life after B’nai Mitzvah
Beginning in Grade 8, as Madrichim-in-Training (MITs), teens learn positive discipline, lesson planning and classroom management, in order to serve in classrooms and specialty areas as teaching assistants. Beginning in Grade 9, the madrichim choose their assignments. Teens may gain community service hours and funds, banked toward Jewish youth activities such as camp and trips. Our diverse programs include our Congregational Confirmation class, geared toward Grade 10, hallmarks of which are study with Rabbi Joseph and Cantor Gerber, as well as our heritage trip to New York City.

Please contact our Interim Education Administrator with any questions:  Pamela Mandell, pmandell@harsinai-md.org