As Har Sinai Congregation’s spiritual leaders, our love for this community is shared from the bimah as well as in the living rooms and hearts of our members.

A Reform Congregation since our founding in 1842, we are proud of the fact that we are the oldest continuously Reform Congregation in the United States. As our Mission Statement declares, we are “a dynamic, caring community that honors our Jewish tradition to continue the covenant while empowering members to explore relationships with God, Torah and the world around us.”

We are known as a warm, caring and welcoming community. Whether you are seeking to reconnect with your spiritual self, ready to begin your children’s religious education, looking as an interfaith family for a Congregation where you will be comfortable and welcome, or pursuing intellectual or spiritual aspects of Judaism as empty nesters or retirees with time to explore…we fit your style!

Har Sinai Congregation is a Congregation of learners, and we are committed to lifelong learning. Our educational programs span the breadth of who we are. We offer adult and family educational opportunities including adult B’nai Mitzvah classes; Judaic Education Magnet; SPICE; Confirmation; Shabbat Torah study and “learning through performing acts of loving kindness through social action and other community involvement.”

Our worship services are developed with the commitment to connect with all segments of our Congregation and their worship style. A rich and varied repertoire of music combines the excitement of today’s most compelling musical settings while bearing in mind the attachment we feel for the music and prayers that are familiar to us and envelope us with warm memories.

Youth programming demonstrates our fundamental core commitment to instilling a love of Judaism in our children and grandchildren. Our Judaic Education Magnet, B’nai Mitzvah program, Confirmation class and support of BEIT-RJ, the Reform community’s supplementary high school program, all are highly regarded. Our Youth Engagement Coordinator provides hands on support for HaSTY (Har Sinai Congregation Temple Youth), for 8th-12th graders throughout the year. Three other youth groups, Kol Tov for grades 6-8, Chaverim (Friends) for grades 3-5 and Club Rishon (First Club) for grades K-2, insure that youth of all ages are actively engaged in religious, social and learning activities.

Of course, we want to be with you to help celebrate important life cycle events and to comfort you in times of sadness and loss.

At Har Sinai Congregation we embrace innovation while preserving tradition. We invite you to be the newest members of our Har Sinai Congregation family.

Rabbi David Katz
Cantor Robert Gerber