Vayeitze Refugee Crisis

Very early this week, on Thursday morning, I made my way from my home in Shandon to the outskirts of Irmo, to speak to a dozen High School Teens from a Mormon Church who meet daily to pray and study. At the “ungodly 7am hour” I was tasked with bringing these children seeking faith a […]

Terumah and Healing

We marvel when the impossible becomes possible. In the last 24 hours the news broke that has caused more than a ripple in the scientific community. A prediction in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity has been proven. Gravitational Waves exist. This 1916 theory that was vigorously debated when presented by Albert Einstein, which was labeled by […]

Al HaDvash

Sermon 6/17/2016: Al HaDvash v’Al Ha’Oketz “Al hadv’ash v’al haoketz – through the honey and the sting; al hamar v’hamatok – through the bitter and the sweet; al biteinu hatinoket – for the sake of our little daughter; sh’mor Eli hatov –  good God keep us safe. Al ha-eish ham’vo-eret – through the burning flame; […]