The Board of Trustees is composed of the officers, the individually elected trustees (up to 18), the presidents of Brotherhood/Women of Har Sinai Congregation (WoHSC) /HaSTY (3), the past presidents, the Director of Congregational Learning (1) and the Rabbi/Cantor/Temple Administrator (3), all with full voting rights and privileges.

Also invited to the Board meeting is the Honorary Trustee (Rabbi Emeritus Floyd Herman) and the Invitees. These individuals are not entitled to make motions or to vote on matters considered at meetings of the Board of Trustees.

OFFICERS, 2017-2019
PresidentKen Bell 2018-2019
Second Vice-PresidentDebbi Jacobs 2017-2019
SecretaryJason Savage2017-2019
TreasurerHoward Kahn2017-2019
Assistant Treasurer Anna Tkach2018-2019
Howard Chessler 2018-2021Roberta Orman2018-2019
Arlene Burman2018-2021Sonia Samuel2017-2020
David L. Carp2016-2019Bryan Soronson2016-2019
Abby Hoffman2016-2019Judith Kahn2018-2019
Craig Hoffman2017-2020Glenn Ulick2018-2021
Mark Jensen2017-2020Andrew Weinman 2018-2021
Stacey Mannes2016-2019
Wendy McChesney 2016-2019
Judge Marc Nachman2018-2021

Women of Har Sinai Congregation President – Sherri Bell
Brotherhood President – Jason Savage 
Brotherhood Representative to Board: Jay Burman

Dr. Robert K. BrooklandDr. Donald E. Milsten
Harold L. BurginK. Alan Orman
Joseph DeMattos, Immediate Past PresidentJoseph Ritter
Mark D. Dopkin David B. Rudow
David FlyerRobert E. Segal
Joanne GoldsmithLouise Zirretta
Howard Kahn
RabbiLinda Joseph
CantorRobert Gerber
Rabbi EmeritusFloyd L. Herman
STAFF (no vote)
Temple AdministratorValerie Thaler, Ph.D.
Director of Posner JEM and Family ProgramsNina Pachino
Facilities Manager Harvey Betts
Administrative AssistantSydney King