A special time at Har Sinai, we hold many meaningful services for the High Holy Days. We begin with our Erev Rosh Hashanah Service.  On Rosh Hashanah morning, we hold both a Morning Service and a Contemporary Family Morning Service, after which we gather for a Women of Har Sinai Congregation (WoHSC) sponsored Rosh Hashanah reception.

Yom Kippur includes a Kol Nidre service, a Yom Kippur Morning service and a Yom Kippur Contemporary Family Service.

On Yom Kippur day, we hold an Ask the Rabbi session and a Sharing our Stories program, led by Congregants. We then move into our Afternoon Service, Yizkor and Neilah.

Sukkot is a festive time with services and activities when we enjoy our Outdoor Sukkah, provided by Brotherhood. Simchat Torah is always a lively evening!